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Shoutouts + Special Thanks

We wanted to take a second to thank the people who have seriously helped us. Our family and friends have been fantastically supportive, our friends (and complete strangers) who helped model clothes for us were nothing short of phenomenal, and of course, our local communities which have been beyond welcoming. Thank you, your help does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.




Featured in J6C photos, Sara is an experienced professional model, you can connect with her here.


One of our clothing models on J6C, Yolanda is a fabulous singer in the South Jersey area.


Interior designer for Fluent Design Group, a design firm in PA, she’s worked with J6C on our physical locations!


Photographer, actor, and poet, Courtlyn helped us with J6C photos. You can see her fabulous work and connect with heron Instagram.

Kelly L.

Lifestyle blogger and photographer in Central Florida.
Kelly’s a fashion contributor for the J6C blog. She’s a print girl living in a digital world!
Follow her adventures here.


Volunteered as one of our clothing models, Christina is a Philadelphia area actress and fantastic playwright.


Jess is a published author who has helped us with blog content and her words of encouragement! She is a professional web writer- you can check out her work and awesome writing here.


Our last J6C clothing model, Gab is a Philadelphia based professional model.


Community Shout Out

As many of our regular customers know, we began as an online-only shop. We started out with six dresses in 2016, and slowly added about one style per month. In May of 2017, we moved offline and had our first ever pop up at Rice's Market, followed by another at Paw's Farm in our hometown of Mt. Laurel, NJ.

Finally, in November of 2017, we found our home in Lambertville, NJ. If not for the overwhelming support in all three of our store homes, we would never be where we are today and for that we are very grateful. To everyone who's shopped with us, those who have continued to shop with us through location changes, and the absolutely awesome community of Lambertville businesses- thank you!